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Saturday, September 01, 2007

But the kender already had

T-h-i s g.e,m is rea-lly!+!

T+h'i*s o n'e is rea,lly pr ofit+able!!!

H_a*v.e y*o+u b-e_e*n w,.atching t'h'i,s f-o r t-h e l a*s-t w.e.e*k_?

T*a-k+e a l'o*o.k at it:

r'ecent n*e w+s r.elea,ses s*e*n,t generat-i,ng gr*owing inter,e_st in

C*o-mpany: C.HINA YO.UTV C_O,R_P (*O-T'C BB,:CYTV.O,B)

S t o c k: C'Y,T,V
C'urrent Pric,e: $..*4*9
4_t h Straig ht d.a y s we h.a v,e s.e_e-n t.h+i*s climb-. (+S-e_e
Ya+hoo Char't--New N e_w*s rele ase)

T,h*i.s o.n_e h.a.s h'a_d n*i'c.e retur'ns f+o.r i_nv+estors o v.e'r
t-h,e sum-mer, and

n*o-w promis-e to beg in a seco nd w*a+v.e of return_s.

K_e*e'p a e_y'e o-u t agai'n on Wed*ne*sday A,u+g 15..._.

ALPAR-I D*a't.a Serv*er f'o r Omeg*a GlobalSe_rve+r.
T'h+e structu+r'e cont ain.s t'h-e fo'llowing-.

M,e'n a*n-d st_iff ened wher*e t*h'e,y stood,.

Med, pr'ati-que (P*aris, 17*85), t.

Remove-s t+h*e o_bject f_r o m t_h.e sel*-ection.

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